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Symposium on Social Determinants of Health
Rio de Janeiro - 26-28 September 2007

Report of the Methodological Seminar on Evaluation of Interventions on the Social Determinants of Health




Methodological Seminar on evaluation of interventions


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In this community of practice the commissioners meet virtually. The results of the work are available in the sections Texts and Presentations.

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Social Determinants of Health
Why some population groups are healthier than others?

The differences or inequalities in the health situation between individuals or groups of the population are well known. If we compare a group of elderly with a group of adolescents it is expected that the health situation of the two groups is different. The same occurs if we compare a group of women with a group of men. We will have inequalities caused by specific illnesses of each sex. We accept these differences and we consider them as "natural". In contrast, what are not "natural" are those differences...



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